VIS Parks

The Saranac Lake Village Improvement Society owns and cares for seven parks in our community. Each of the parks is overseen by a park chairperson. Park Chairpersons are responsible for overall maintenance, plantings and budget. Members plant, weed, pick up litter and oversee their parks. Perennials are donated from members’ gardens.

VIS-owned Parks

VIS-owned Parks

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 Beaver Park | Jacob Vennie-Volrath, Park Manager

Beaver Park is named for a bank beaver who makes its home here. It is located on the Saranac River at the corner of LaPan Highway and Dorsey Street. It is a popular fishing and picnic spot. The scenic hilltop has a park bench and  a rose garden.

In 2010, the Adirondack Daily Enterprise published a series of articles about the Village Improvement Society written by Alice Wareham. This article details the history of Beaver Park.



Denny Park |  Randall Swanson, Park Manager

This two acre park borders the Saranac River. It is located at the corner of Bloomingdale Avenue and Pine Street. It features extensive lawns, benches and a variety of trees, and provides an attractive entrance to the eastern edge of the Village.






Dorsey Park |  Kathy O’KanePark Manager

This small and charming park is located near the Dorsey Street bridge, alongside the Saranac River. It features a park bench sheltered by shade trees and a cedar hedge. The secluded location makes it an ideal spot to sit and contemplate the river.






Triangle Park and Riverbank | Lisa PaschkePark Manager

Triangle Park is a beautiful park, planted with perennials and bulbs. It is located at the intersection of Main and Pine Streets, near the Adirondack Railroad tracks. A steep triangle of riverbank is left in its natural state.







Herb Garden | Cris WintersPark Manager

The herb garden is home to over 38 varieties of aromatic herbs. It is located by the tracks near Triangle Park.






Sunset Park |  Meg Van Dyck-HolmesPark Managers

This natural park is a certified Urban Wildlife Sanctuary. It is bounded by Olive and School Streets, and Sunset Avenue. Along the arboretum’s meandering paths, visitors  can view over 35 varieties of Adirondack trees and wildlife.






Vest Pocket Park |  Jenni EvansPark Manager

This park is located right next to the Saranac Lake Library, across the street from the Hotel Saranac. It’s a pleasant place to relax and enjoy the flowers when shopping downtown.